Samoolam About us

Yarns and yarns galore. Cheerful and colourful crochet defines Samoolam. And interconnected with it are 130 lovely and lively ladies who devotedly make awesome products using the craft back in Gaya (Bihar, India).




Our Story

We started off as a social enterprise in 2009 in Gaya district of Bihar (India) with an earthy philosophy of ‘giving back to roots’. The core idea was to enable employable skills in women to generate livelihood at grassroot level in rural India. So, we roped in only three women to make simple crochet items. Soon we organically grew into an organisation of more than a hundred and thirty women. In the process, our ‘Masters of Crochet’, who now make awesome fashion accessories for women and kids, stationery and home décor, have become self-reliant and confident.We are proud of their journeys.


Idea of a craft-based social set-up sparks one fine morning while living in the USA.


Back home in Gaya (Bihar), we convince rural men to support their women who are keen to learn the craft.


Learning a skill, as a mode of livelihood, and a way to earn respect and gain confidence, starts with three women at our home.


We retail ready products (made by Samoolam women) at exhibitions and boutique stores become initial modes of sustenance.


We gain trust and more women join in from adjoining villages in Gaya—soon we boom from 03 to 130 women in 05 years.


We grow from designing tiny earrings in a garage to making fashion accessories for women and kids, stationery and home décor in major cities.


From a brick-and-mortar store to an e-commerce format, we expand in 2016 to connect towns and cities across India.


Samoolam goes ‘Glocal’ (local to global in 2017)—that is in less than seven magical years!

Be a part of our beautiful journey